International Humanitarian Relief Operations


 UNHCR /R.LeMoqne

International Humanitarian Relief Operations, undertaken outside the parameters of UN Peacekeeping Operations, provide assistance to afflicted people (refugees, etc.) and the repair of damage caused by conflicts. These operations are usually carried out by various UN organizations, such as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) and the World Health Organization ( WHO ).

Japan's Record of International Humanitarian Relief Operations
Based on the International Peace Cooperation Law

Humanitarian relief Sept.1994 International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Rwandan Refugees
Humanitarian relief Nov. 1999 International Peace Cooperation Assignment for East Timorese Displaced Persons
Humanitarian relief Oct. 2001 International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Afghan Refugeees
Humanitarian relief Mar. 2003 International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Iraqi Refugees
Humanitarian relief July 2003 International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Iraqi Afflicted Persons
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