International Peace Cooperation Assignments

 UN Peacekeeping Operations

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[(C) UN /DPI Photo]

 UN Peacekeeping Operations are activities undertaken by the UN to resolve conflicts around the world. In traditional Peacekeeping Operations, peacekeeping forces composed of national contingents of troops and cease-fire monitoring missions (in principle composed of unarmed military personnel) perform such tasks as monitoring cease-fires, separating hostile forces, and maintaining buffer zones. More recently, Peacekeeping Operations have expanded to include civilian police activities and administrative assistance activities, such as election and human rights monitoring, reconstruction and development, and organization and institution building.

Japan's Record of UN Peacekeeping Operations
Based on the International Peace Cooperation Law

PKO Sept. 1992 International Peace Cooperation in Angola
PKO Sept. 1992 International Peace Cooperation in Cambodia
PKO May 1993 International Peace Cooperation in Mozambique
PKO March 1994 International Peace Cooperation in El Salvador
PKO Jan. 1996 International Peace Cooperation in the Golan Heights
PKO July 1999 International Peace Cooperation in East Timor
PKO Feb. 2002 International Peace Cooperation in East Timor
PKO Jan. 2007 International Peace Cooperation in Timor-Leste
PKO March 2007 International Peace Cooperation in Nepal
PKO Oct. 2008 International Peace Cooperation in Sudan
PKO Feb. 2010 International Peace Cooperation in Haiti
PKO Sep. 2010 International Peace Cooperation in Timor-Leste
PKO Nov. 2011 International Peace Cooperation in South Sudan
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