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  • @PKO Now!: Columns written by the International Peace Cooperation Program Advisors, with an aim to provide the facts on PKO and to introduce observations based on their research activities
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Collection of Essays on International Peace Cooperation
This collection was first released in September 2010 for the purpose of making widely available the achievements of International Peace Cooperation Program Advisors and Secretariat staff.

Chigumi Sato, Program Advisor
Transformation of UNPKO and Japanese Military Contribution from 1992 to 2009 (PDF:167KB)Open new window

Satoko Okamoto, Program Advisor
Contextual Analysis of Japanese In-Kind Contribution to International Humanitarian Relief Efforts: The Cases of Rwanda and East Timor (PDF:132KB)Open new window

Tatsuya Kawanishi, Program Advisor
Armed Violence in the Gaza Strip and International Humanitarian Law (PDF:143KB)Open new window

Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Program Advisor
Human Rights in African Criminal Justice Systems-Direction of International Cooperation for Peacebuilding- (PDF:113KB)Open new window

Goshi Tsukamoto, Planning Officer
A Survey of Japan's Contribution to Peacebuilding: Timor-Leste as a Case (PDF:136KB)Open new window