International Peace Cooperation Program Advisors (past)

Profile of Former Program Advisors

SATO Chigumi (5th Term)

SATO Chigumi
  1. Profile
    Before I joined the Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Cabinet Office as a program adviser in October 2008, I had working experiences in international peace cooperation arena as such as a staff member of Japanese NGO in Cambodia, a short-term expert at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a paid intern at the International Organization for Migration ( IOM ). At that time, I was also pursuing a graduate program at the Osaka School of International Public Policy as a PhD candidate. I had worked for a private company for two years as a staff of Sales and Marketing bureau.

  2. Activities at the PKO HQ Office
    My main research topics were UN peacekeeping, peacebuilding support activities and Japanese deployment for those missions. I have particularly examined how Japanese military experts and units have engaged themselves in peacebuilding activities during their PKO deployment and made some recommendations for the future deployment policy. Also I have contributed to in-kind cooperation and public information activities, and PKO pre-deployment training under the International Peace Cooperation Law. I have had several opportunities to give presentations and lectures at universities, SDF camps and seminars.

  3. Message for the feature program advisers
    I spent an intensive and satisfied two years in the PKO office. Not only did I gain the opportunity to develop expertise and networks, but also realized the importance of international peace cooperation as a Japanese national policy. I believe that working in the international cooperation arena is very challenging and attractive, since it is a space in which various people, regardless of their differences have to work together beyond for their own mandates. I am very thankful that I could meet such experienced people during my service at the PKO office and I hope that people who have passion and integrity would be given a chance to increase their knowledge and professional skills as an international peace cooperation program adviser.