International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina


On April 8, 2000, municipal assembly elections were held in 145 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the request of OSCE , Japan sent 11 election observers and polling station supervisors (3 national government officials and 8 individuals from the private sector) to take part in election observation and supervising operations.

Election Personnel

An electoral observer advising the head of a polling station committee(IMG)

A supervisor advising the
head of a polling station

Six election personnel were stationed in Sarajevo Canton and 5 in the city of Banja Luka. Patrolling polling stations and observing balloting and ballot counting, they monitored whether the election rules were followed. When the personnel noticed any violations, they requested the head of the polling station committee concerned to rectify the situation. When problems arose, they offered advice upon consultation. They also notified the OSCE of significant events at polling stations. The personnel worked from early morning until late at night at the schools and meeting places used as polling stations, carrying out their duties in cooperation with the polling station committees.

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

Liaison and coordination personnel at work(IMG)

Liaison and coordination
personnel at work

Of the six liaison and coordination personnel forwarded from concerned agencies, i.e, the Prime Minister's Office (now Cabinet Office) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs three were stationed in Sarajevo Canton and three in the city of Banja Luka. While cooperating closely with the Japanese election personnel and the OSCE and other relevant organizations, the liaison and coordination personnel sought to help the election personnel perform their duties smoothly and efficiently by collecting information of various types and monitoring the public security situation.

Electoral tructures in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deployment of Election Personnel

Distribution of Election Personnel(img)