International Peace Cooperation Assignment in East Timor


Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
(Gained independence from the Republic of Indonesia in 2002)


Republic of Indonesia


The popular consultation to ascertain whether the East Timorese accepted or rejected a proposed constitutional framework providing for special autonomy within Indonesia was organized by the UN Mission in East Timor ( UNAMET ), and the direct ballot took place on August 30, 1999. In response to a request from the UN , Japan dispatched three civilian police officers to UNAMET .

Civilian Police Officers

UNTAET's headquarters(img)

 UNTAET 's headquarters

From July to September 1999, two civilian police officers were stationed at the UNAMET headquarters in Dili, and one was stationed at the UNAMET office in Jakarta. Their duties were to collect information on incidents in East Timor and give advice to the Indonesian police, who were responsible for maintaining law and order in East Timor. The officers shared rental housing with liaison and coordination personnel and other Japanese government officials taking part in UNAMET and purchased food and other supplies locally.

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

Engaging in coordination(img)

Engaging in coordination

In order to support the civilian police officers sent to UNAMET , three liaison and coordination personnel dispatched from concerned agencies, including the Prime Minister's Office and the National Police Agency, were on duty at all times to facilitate communications and coordination between the civilian police officers and relevant organizations.

Outline of UNAMET

Deployment of Civilian Police

Distribution of Civilian Police(img)