International Peace Cooperation Assignment for East Timorese Displaced Persons


Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
(Gained independence from the Republic of Indonesia in 2002)


Republic of Indonesia


East Timor saw a large number of displaced persons in the extreme turmoil that followed the direct ballot of August 1999, when militias dissatisfied with the outcome went on a rampage. Many residents fled to West Timor, and their living conditions became critical from a humanitarian viewpoint. At the request of UNHCR , Japan dispatched an Air Self-Defense Force unit and other personnel to Indonesia from November 1999 to February 2000 to provide transport services as part of the relief operations for displaced persons. The air unit delivered some 400 metric tons of supplies in the course of 47 flights, some 5 flights per week.

Transport Units

Transport unit personnel at work(img)

Transport unit personnel at

From November 1999 to February 2000 Air Self-Defense Force transport units totaling 113 personnel airlifted relief supplies from Surabaya, Java, to Kupang, West Timor, using C-130H transport planes. The UNHCR expressed appreciation of this contribution, which made it possible to deliver relief supplies to some 120,000 East Timorese displaced persons in West Timor.

Self-Defense Force Support

Unloading relief supplies(img)

Unloading relief supplies

In December 1999 Japan airlifted supplies for the transport units sent to Indonesia using Air Self-Defense Force C-130H transport planes to support their activities.

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

In support of the units sent for the relief of East Timorese displaced persons, at all times three liaison and coordination personnel forwarded from concerned agencies (the Prime Minister's Office, Japan Defense Agency, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) were on hand in both Surabaya and Kupang to facilitate relations between the units and relevant organizations.

Deployment of Units

Distribution of Civilian Police(img)