International Peace Cooperation Assignment in the Golan Heights


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From February 1996 to February 2013, Japan dispatched the Self-Defense Forces personnel and units to the UN Disengagement Observer Force ( UNDOF ) deployed in the critical Golan Heights area of southwestern Syria, providing logistics support such as assisting headquarters operations and providing transportation for UNDOF .In December 2012,the SDF units and staff officers finished their tasks in UNDOF , and by February 2013, they returned to Japan.

Staff Officers

 SDF staff officers were assigned to UNDOF headquarters located in Camp Faouar on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, and engaged in UNDOF public relations and logistic operations such as planning and coordinating transportation.

On Site Reports from Our Peacekeepers:

Coordination in the Force Headquarters1Coordination in the Force Headquarters2

Coordination in the Force Headquarters

Transport Units

The SDF transport units consisted of 44 personnel and had their main headquarters at Camp Ziouani on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. The unit provided logistic support for UNDOF activities, including road repair as well as transportation and storage of food and other supplies.

 UNDOF is playing a key role in supporting ongoing peace negotiations, whose main focus is the settlement of issues in the Golan Heights located between Israel and Syria. Japan's SDF staff was fully engaged in the operation of UNDOF , and steadily carried out their duties since this assignment began. As a result, they made a significant contribution to the Golan Heights disengagement observation.

Loading goods into trucks(img)

Loading goods into trucks

Snow clearing in Mt. Hermon(img)

Snow clearing in Mt. Hermon

Checking on the ground(img)

Checking on the ground

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

Liaison and coordination personnel of the Cabinet Office were dispatched to Israel and Syria to provide liaison and coordination between Japanese staff officers and units and relevant organizations in these countries for smooth and effective performance of duties.

On Site Reports from Our Peacekeepers:Kumiko Morino's Report from Israel (July 2011)

Air Self-Defense Force Support

The Air Self-Defense Force provided a U-4 or a C-130H transport plane to airlift food and other supplies from Japan to support transport units and staff officers in the Golan Heights.

Outline of UNDOF

Golan Heights Area

Golan Heights Area(img)