International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Iraqi Refugees


Republic of Iraq


Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


Refugees Relief Unit

Handing relief supplies over to the UNHCR at the airport in Amman(img)

Handing relief supplies over to
the UNHCR at the airport in

Japan sent 50 Air Self-Defense Force personnel in a refugees relief unit to Jordan in March 2003. Their mission was to supply tents to the UNHCR , which was undertaking a relief operation for Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria. The unit flew from Japan to Amman, Jordan, in two special government planes (B-747) to deliver the relief supplies. In addition, six transport support personnel of the Air Self-Defense Force coordinated the acceptance of the unit in Jordan and other airports along the route.

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

One Cabinet Office official was sent to Jordan to facilitate communications and coordination between the Air Self-Defense Force unit, the Jordanian government, UNHCR , and other relevant organizations for smooth and effective performance of the duties.