International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Iraqi Afflicted Persons


Republic of Iraq


Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


Afflicted Persons Relief Unit

A C-130H takes off for Jordan from Komaki Airport in Japan(img)

A C-130H takes off for Jordan
from Komaki Airport in Japan

Japan sent 98 Air Self-Defense Force personnel in an afflicted people relief unit to transport supplies between Brindisi, Italy, and Amman, Jordan, for around one month from July 2003. Acting at the request of the World Food Programe, which was coordinating the transport of relief materials and other items, the unit cooperated in the transport activities for about a month. It made a total of 20 flights in a C-130H transport plane between Brindisi and Amman (about 2,000 kilometers) and transported a total of about 140 metric tons of humanitarian relief supplies. In addition, six transport support personnel of the Air Self-Defense Force handled procedures for the acceptance of the unit in Jordan and other airports along the route.

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

Liaison and coordination personnel from the Cabinet Office and the Japan Defense Agency were sent to Jordan to facilitate relations between the unit and the Jordanian government, the WFP , and other relevant organizations for smooth and effective performance of duties.