International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Kosovo




Elections for members of the Kosovo assembly were held on November 17, 2001, under the auspices of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo ( UNMIK ). At the request of the UN , the Council of Europe carried out International Election Observation Operations and requested Japan to send election observers. In response, Japan dispatched 6 election observers ( 3 national government officials and 3 individuals from the private sector ). Paired with observers from other countries, they visited their assigned areas to observe the preparation of the polling stations, voting, and counting process and checked whether the electoral rules were being followed.

Election Observers

Voters at a polling station(img)

Voters at a polling station

The six election observers departed on November 11, 2001 and arrived in Kosovo the following day. Until November 18, as Council of Europe election observers, they made the rounds of polling stations in teams of two (one Japanese election observer and one election observer from another country) in Pristina, Zvecan, Mitrovica, Istok, Klina, Malisevo, and Dakovica, where they monitored adherence to the election rules, observing voting preparations, voting, ballot counting, etc., and reported the results to the Council of Europe. On November 19 the election observers left Kosovo and returned to their points of origin by November 21. According to the final election results announced by the Kosovo Central Election Commission on November 24, 64.3% of the approximately 1.25 million registered voters had cast ballots. All ethnic groups in Kosovo took part in the elections, and with the cooperation of the international community the elections were conducted in a peaceful, free, and fair manner.

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

A Japanese electoral observer at work(img)

A Japanese election observer
at work

Five liaison and coordination personnel forwarded by the concerned agencies, i.e., the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, began their duties on November 9, providing liaison and coordination between the Council of Europe, other relevant organizations and Japanese election observers in Pristina and other parts of Kosovo. They completed their duties by November 19 and returned to Japan. Maintaining close liaison with Japanese election observers and the Council of Europe and other relevant organizations and collecting information on the state of law and order in various parts of Kosovo, the liaison and coordination personnel supported the Japanese election observers by enabling them to carry out their duties smoothly and effectively.

Deployment of Election Personnel

Distribution of Personnel(img)