International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Mozambique


Republic of Mozambique


The United Nations Operation in Mozambique ( ONUMOZ ) was the third peacekeeping operation in which Japan participated. Japan dispatched SDF units and other personnel to ONUMOZ from May 1993 to January 1995 to serve as staff officers, movement control units, and election observers.

Staff Officers

A staff officer engaged in coordination(img)

A staff officer engaged in

Approximately 200 personnel from various countries served as staff officers in ONUMOZ , where they were posted to the general headquarters and the regional headquarters in the northern, central, and southern parts of the country.

Japan dispatched a total of 10 SDF personnel in two groups of five as staff officers to the headquarters of ONUMOZ ; the first group was dispatched from May 1993 through May 1994, and the second group of five was dispatched from May 1994 through January 1995. Two staff officers were assigned to the general headquarters in Maputo, Maputo Province, one to the southern regional headquarters in Matola, Maputo Province, and the second to the central regional headquarters in Beira, Sofala Province. They helped prepare ONUMOZ 's medium-and long-term operation plans and planning/coordination of transport operations.

Movement Control Units

Sending off a unit at Maputo Airport on completion of its mission(img)

Sending off a unit at Maputo
Airport on completion of its

Japan dispatched three movement control units of 48 SDF personnel each, 144 personnel in total. The first served from May to December 1993, the second from November 1993 to June 1994, and the third from June 1994 to January 1995.

Working with personnel sent from other countries, Japan's movement control units primarily coordinated the entry and exit of people and cargo at airports and harbors.

Election Observers

A Japanese election observer among waiting voters(img)

A Japanese election observer
on duty

Japan dispatched 15 election observers to ONUMOZ from October 27 to 29, 1994, to cooperate in the holding of presidential and legislative elections. The observers included 3 national government officials, 1 local government official, and 11 individuals from the private sector. Sent to various parts of the country, the Japanese personnel were teamed with observers from other countries for the monitoring of the elections to ensure that they were conducted fairly.

Air Self-Defense Force Support

Air Self-Defense Force C-130H transport planes airlifted food and other supplies from Japan at the end of 1993 to support staff officers and movement control units.

Outline of ONUMOZ

Deployment of Staff Officers and Units (Final Postings)

Distribution of Staff Officers and Units (Final Postings)

Deployment of Election Observers

Distribution of Electoral Observers