International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Nepal



Capital: Kathmandu

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Armed conflict between the Nepalese army and Maoist rebels had continued since 1996, but in November 2006 the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which included a termination of the conflict, was concluded. Subsequently, the United Nations Security Council in January 2007 decided to establish the UN Mission in Nepal ( UNMIN ), which has been assigned to monitor the management of arms and armed personnel, among other duties.

After several renewals of the UNMIN mandate, the Security Council decided to terminate the mandate on January 15, 2011.

Military Observers

UN Photo/UNMIN(img)

Monitoring management of Maoist's arms (UN photo/UNMIN)(img)

Monitoring management of
Maoist's arms
UN photo/ UNMIN )

At the request of the UN , Japan sent four groups of 6-member teams of Self-Defense Force Personnel (24 personnel in total) from March 2007 to January 2011, to serve as military observers of UNMIN .

In addition to working at UNMIN headquarters, the Japanese personnel participated in a mixed team consisting of a number of personnel from various countries. These teams conducted monitoring of the management of arms and armed personnel at Maoist Cantonment Sites in seven locations in Nepal and at the Nepal Army's camp.

Coordination and Liaison Personnel

Four coordination and liaison personnel were assigned in Kathmandu, facilitating communications and coordination between the dispatched military Observers and the concerned agencies to ensure smooth and effective execution of their duties.

Deployment of Japanese military observers

Deployment of Japanese Arms Monitors(img)