International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Nepal Election Observation



Capital: Kathmandu

An election for a Constituent Assembly was held in Nepal on April 10, 2008. This election was an important process in Nepal in promoting the building of a new nation. Japan sent an election observation mission consisting of 24 election observers (6 national government officials and 18 individuals from the private sector). The Japanese election observers deployed in various parts of Nepal, including remote regions, and carried out observations at various stages of the election process, including the campaign, preparations for the polling day, voting, and counting.

Election Observers

Women waiting for polling(img)

Voters waiting for polling

Observation activity by a member(img)

Observation activity by a

A 10-personnel team was dispatched on March 28 through April 17, 2008 and they established headquarters, arranged logistics, and investigated the regional situation prior to the arrival of the core team comprising the remaining 14 personnel dispatched on April 4 through April 15, 2008. Each member of the two teams carried out their allotted duties with 8 members stationed in Kathmandu; two in Dhulikhe located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu; 4 in Pokhara, western part of Nepal; 5 in Biratnagar, eastern part; and 5 in Nepalganj, mid-western part. On the polling day, those election observers visited a total of some 300 polling stations at 111 locations in 34 constituencies in 10 administrative districts and ensured accurate ballot collecting and counting.

Election observers discussed the importance of free and fair elections with Nepalese political leaders and government officials, exchanged their views with the leaders of other international and national election observers, and responded to interviews by the international and national media. On 13 April, 2008, these observers held a press conference and reported their activities. This report, the Preliminary Assessment by the Election Observation Mission of the Government of Japan to Nepal(PDF:71KB)Open new windowis available.

Deployment of Election Observers

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