International Peace Cooperation Assignment in Sinai Peninsula


The Arab Republic of Egypt

Capital: Cairo

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State of Israel

Capital: Jerusalem (not internationally recognized)

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Based on the “Peace Treaty between the State of Israel and the Arab Republic of Egypt” (1979) and its ʻProtocolʼ (1981), the Multinational Force and Observers(MFO) was established in 1982 as an alternative to the UN forces and observers envisioned in the 1979 Peace Treaty.

By facilitating dialogue and confidence building between Egypt and Israel, the MFO has contributed to peace and stability in the Middle East, which is a foundation of peace and prosperity for Japan.

Since FY1988 Japan has made financial assistance to the MFO, which has expressed appreciation to Japanʼs contribution to peace and stability of the Middle East. Against this background, the MFO requested that Japan send staff officers to its headquarters. In response, Japan decided to send two staff officers as part of its continued efforts toward further promoting peace and stability of the region.

The dispatch of staff officers to the MFO marks Japanʼs first participation in an international peace operation that is not under UN control. (Participation in international peace operations that are similar to UN peacekeeping but not under UN control is made possible by the 2015 amendments to the International Peace Cooperation Act. This type of operation is called “Internationally Coordinated Operation for Peace and Security” in the Act.)

Staff Officers

On 2nd April 2019, the Goverment of Japan decided to dispatch two personnel of Japan Self - Defense Forces to the MFO as staff officers. They are assigned to liaison and coordination between the Egyptian and Israeli governments and the MFO.

Liaison and Coordination Personnel

Japan also sends a Liaison and Coordination Officer to Cairo, who serves as a support staff to the dispatched staff officers.