Sri Lanka


Capital:Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte


Girl of disaster victim (internally displaced person) who shows uneasy expression(img)

Girl of disaster victim
(internally displaced person)
who shows uneasy expression

There has been prolonged ethnic conflict between the government and antigovernment forces consisting of the minority group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam ( LTTE ). Although peace talks began in February 2002 after an indefinite ceasefire agreement, the country fell into conflict again in July 2006. Without a major breakthrough, armed fighting intensified and many people were displaced. In response, the United Nations launched the Common Humanitarian Action Plan for Sri Lanka in August 2006 and made a fresh appeal to the international community for emergency assistance. Subsequently, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) requested our assistance with contributions in kind for the internally displaced persons ( IDP s).

Since April 2009, large numbers of people have been internally displaced again due to fierce fighting between the government and the LTTE . In response, the International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) requested the Government of Japan to provide necessities for assisting the IDP s.


Material assistance Oct. 2006 Contribution in kind to UNHCR for the Relief of Sri Lankan Afflicted People
Material assistance May. 2009 Contribution in kind to IOM for the Relief of Sri Lankan Afflicted People
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