International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Sudan Referendum Observation




In accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement ( CPA ) signed in January 2005 between the Government of Sudan and the southern-based anti-governmental force, a referendum on the secession of Southern Sudan was agreed to be held in January 2011. At the request of the United Nations, the government of Japan agreed to dispatch a Referendum Observation Mission to Sudan comprised of 15 members, on the basis of the International Peace Cooperation Law.

Referendum Observers

The Referendum Observation Mission consisted of private individuals such as experts and NGO workers, and national governmetal officials.Twelve members out of 15 carried out observation in Juba, the capital city of Southern Sudan,and 3 in the North. Part of the team departed on 23 December in advance to establish the headquarters, carry out overall preparation and gather necessary information. The main team led by the Head of Mission departed on 31 December. The referendum was scheduled for a week starting on 9 January, 2011. The observation period was last until mid-January. At each polling center,the mission have observed the progress of preparation,free and fair voting, and the legitimacy of the result.

Deployment of Referendum Observers

Deployment of Mission Members

Diary of the Japan Referendum Observation Mission in Sudan

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